release the feeln

I hate be one of them. the ktj. they just fakers that hide behind coliurful mask. they just irritating. helping each other because they pity not because of friends relationship. almost all of them. but not all. I love to take picture but im not ur cameraman, I love to make art but im not your entertainers. respect? nope. they doesn't know the meaning of respect, all they want is to be the top. alone. n not with their friends. I hate to be here, I miss my old friends. even they not as intelligent as the ktj but they still backup each other. do things together. wait for each other. I miss u guys. I need them. take care guys,

it's a big mistake

i'm really sorry for what i have done to you. i'm not a perfect person. i just want you to be happy. this is who i am. i love to make my friends happy. even though it needs a lot of energy, money. i still do it for my friends. i don't know why i keep doing like this. to make sure friendships bond is tight and keep along all the way. it is for my friends. friends that i only have. i didn't know that u not easy with it. i'm really sorry. this is my last present actually. and no more after this. i just want to do something special for you. nothing more than that. not about love or what. hmm, i guess i need to stop doing it right. just a bad day. until now then i have realizes i had did a mistake. if this is the end, i will pray the best for you, insyaAllah, Allah will hear your wishes and make it comes true one day. as his slaves, we need to be patient and accept what have been fate for us. unless we can try our best to change that fate. become much better. by hardwork, patient, tawaqal and let the rest to Him. insyaAllah. if rezeki is there, one day i will meet u again. thankyou for giving me opportunity to know and be friends with you. such a sweet memory, may Allah bless your long journey and hope our friendships will last longer. take care and all the best in Japan.