a great lost

it such a big lost. for me and for my family. he just 68. young for me. i had lived with him for 18 years. and as the first grandson. a lot of memories with him. i thought he will be there until i had gone the overseas. but it such a sad, he is not strong enough anymore. its already time for him to go. but i still cant believed it until now. he is a happy go lucky person. even though he is really sick. always keep in my mind that he is happy enjoying his life with grandmother. i called him 'abah' as we really closed to each other. a lot of memories with him that i will never forget. when i was kid, he always brought me anywhere he want to go. market, shops, jungle... anywhere. i am the luckiest one. i see every human life and hardships with him. i learned a lot of thing with him. played together with him. but, as i grew up.. the time take me far from 'abah'. when he already gone, i realized there is no more person that i can called 'abah' anymore. to abah, "abang minta maaf atas segala dosa yang abang buat kat abah, ampun kan abang, doakan abang berjaya di luar sana. InsyaAllah kita jumpa lagi di Jannah"